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MAX Dropper Post Oil - 70 ml


MAX Dropper Post Oil Having problems with your dropper post in your MTB, going in and out too slow ?? Not smooth and jerky ?? Too much dirt sticky to your dropper post when riding ?? Description: - MAX Dropper Post oil is formulated specifically oil for all dropper post shaft. It creates a slippery surface of your dropper post shaft, improve performance and extend it's durability - Prevent scratches & corrosion - Work at its peak potential, and is designed to maximize the performance of your dropper & well lubricated - Allowing the oil pools in the lower part of the shaft, and from here it helps to lubricate the bushes and seals within the fork, allowing it to go up and down smoothly and without friction. - Keep the oil in, and the dirt out, protect the o-ring, protect it from scratches & corrosion - Protect your fork from expensive repair or replacement - Water proof - 70 ml How to apply: 1. Use a brush, apply some dropper post oil over the post which go in and out 2. Important: Just a thin coat will do. Do not over apply 3. Apply before a WET race / ride even better * Will work - Fox, Rockshok, KS Lev, Magura and all dropper post in the market Shopee: https://shopee.com.my/MAX-Dropper-Post-Oil-70-ml-i.93180824.2496585258?sp_atk=5430b7eb-fea7-438a-a2c8-5477ea711c4c&xptdk=5430b7eb-fea7-438a-a2c8-5477ea711c4c

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