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MAX Cycling Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit


MAX Bicycle / Bike Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit Our products are tested and backed by ISO, TUV and DUNS certification for it's quality and reliability MAX Repair kit is manufactured especially for bicycle as it is smaller in size and have mini and medium plug ( This is not a car / motorcycle repair kit as the tools for these are deem too big for bicycles & damage bicycle tyres) It is easy to use and made from high quality material to ensure it’s reliability and practicality For RB and MTB Box contains: Mini tyre plug and screw drill tool 5 mini strips for plugging up to max 5 mm or less holes 5 medium strips for plugging up to max 9 mm or less holes ALL comes in a handy & well protected box * Very small and handy tools. Weight is 49 grams only Box Size: 12 X 3.5 X 2 cm How to use: 1. Remove the nail ( if there is ) 2. Use screw drill to ream up the hole sizes if there is a need 3. Insert tyre seal ( mini or medium ) in tyre plug tool 4. Insert to the hole until 1/2 inch, then turn the plug tool 1/4 turn and pull out slowly. 5. Cut the excess of outside 6. Check pressure and re inflate tyre Tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkoFPVKOW6U Shopee Link: https://shopee.com.my/MAX-Bicycle-Bike-Tubeless-Tyre-Repair-Kit-i.93180824.7800893857

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