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Bicycle Carbon Fibre Assembly Paste for Carbon fibre parts - 15 grams or 38 grams


MAX Carbon Fibre Assembly Paste ( Carbon Clamp ) MAX Carbon Fibre Assembly Paste have incorporated a finer, better & stronger particle ( orange colour ) in our carbon clamp paste, to hold better and tighter than any similar product in the market. Carbon parts are delicate parts, have a slippery surface and very difficult to tighten as overtightening the recommended NM will crack& break carbon fibre. Carbon paste is creates a friction layer of film to locked carbon parts on your bike, therefore prevent slippage for bicycle component / parts Benefit: - tighten bike component eg seat post, stem, handle bar etc at the recommended NM by manufacturers by a torque wrench - It also contain agent which prevent seat post from jamming - water proof thus will not wash away - work on alloy / aluminium / carbon post There are 2 variants of Teflon Grease Volume: 15 gm; Can size is 35 mm X 16 mm Volume: 38 gm; Can Size is 55 mm X 18 mm Should you need more products for maintenance such as Teflon grease for bearing and Anti Seize to prevent jammed bolt, pls refer to other listings Shopee: https://shopee.com.my/Bicycle-Carbon-Fibre-Assembly-Paste-for-Carbon-fibre-parts-15-grams-or-38-grams-i.93180824.1755712598?sp_atk=e7f83299-75d5-42cf-a020-9d78e7d2ea60&xptdk=e7f83299-75d5-42cf-a020-9d78e7d2ea60

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