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InMotion L8F Electric Scooter - Black


http://www.bestscooterstore,com/products/InMotion-L8F-Electric-Scooter-%252d-Black.html Product Description PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Features: Max Speed: 18.8mph (30kph) Max Range: Up to 21.7 miles (35km) Max Gradient: 15° Dimension (Expanded): 105cm x 43cm x 110cm Max Rider Weight: 100Kg (220lbs) Product Weight: 12Kg (26.5lbs) Battery: 36V 8.7Ah Input (Charger): AC 100~240 V 50/60 Hz Charging Time: Approximately 5 Hours Wheels: 8" Power Rating: 250W Motor IP Ratings: IP 54 Water Resistance Smart App Compatible INMOTION always pursue user-friendly design through their products. The L8F E-Scooter forgets the old switch button and adopts a simpler slide switch mode. This mode enables the scooter to automatically switch on when the speed reaches 3 km/h. The display is easy to read and the LED indicators equipped on the handles at both sides add a stylish safety element. The INMOTION L8F E-Scooter integrates scientific technologies and style. The entire body is composed of concise clear lines and eye-catching symbols, impressing you at first glance. DIY the lighting system to make your L8F E-Scooter stand out with the front lights which support many different colour combinations. Warning lights are configured on the rear wheel hub at both sides. When you press the brake, the red warning lights at the rear shine out to alert anyone that you are slowing or stopping. With the creative and efficient foldable design the handles can be folded along with the scooter body, minimizing the size of the scooter and saving space. The volume of the folded scooter is 0.067 m3, resolving storage problems with ease. To better resolve scooter conveyance and carriage problem, the L8F is designed with two auxiliary wheels underneath. With the inegrated handlebar you can take the scooter with you wherever you go with ease.

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