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Price RM 980.00

Certified Retul Bike Fit - Full Package -3hours
This is not Manual, our Bike Fit is measured while you are cycling, use sensor and system.

Full Bike Fit Package
Senior Fitter
- RM1280 road/MTB;
- RM 1500 TT/Tri;
Package include 2 months unlimited indoor training and personal monitoring.
Without 2mths monitoring will be
- RM 980 Road/MTB
- RM 1200 TT/Tri;

Frame Finding: To find a geometry that suit you personally

WHATSAPP: 0163932229

We have few Certified Retul Bike Fitter that started our bike fit service in 2013.
Having knowledge in fitting --
Road Bike,
Folding Bike;
as well as the ONLY TT/TRI (Charged RM 1500) bike fitter in Malaysia. We have done more than 5000 bike fitting since 2013. Being the most experience Fitter in Malaysia. Does that matter? YES, it's.
Bike Fitting is not just about the Setting, the most important thing should be the Rider. We adjust the Bike to Fit to the rider. This is the most important step before you start your cycling workout. Come and experience it yourself, you will know why.

We don't use "EYES " to do bike fit, We have Full equipment, using censor that detecting your movement while you are Riding!

FYI, Pro Team First Choice -- Retul Bike Fit

A true BIKE FIT will help you in achieving "Comfort, No Injury while riding".

We do Bike Fit
1. On your own Bike
2. Before you even BUY a bike -- Muve Machine
3. FRAME Finder - Software and report

A bike fit using Retül technology typically includes the following steps:

The fitter conducts an initial physical assessment of the rider, and at this point can address the rider's concerns about performance, pain, or any other issues the rider hopes to alleviate during the bike fit.
LED markers are strategically placed on eight anatomical points of the rider: the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel, and toe.
As the rider pedals, Retül's sensor bar gathers real-time, three-dimensional data of the rider's pedal strokes and movements.
Retül's rotating platform allows the fitter to collect data for both sides of the rider without the rider leaving the bike.
The rider's data is compiled into a reader-friendly report for analysis by the fitter. The fitter can then assess the rider's position and make necessary adjustments.
The Zin, Retül's handheld digitizer, allows the fitter to digitally measure the rider's bike at 13-15 points, depending on the bike. The Zin can measure fixed points, contours, and curves, and provides a complete digital map of the bike.
The fit information is saved and stored on the fitter's computer.
The data includes the rider's personal profile, measurements from the fit, bike measurements, and the rider's final fit position.
The fitter will be able to access and print these records for comparison and tracking of historical fit data for the client.

Don't wait anymore!
Make an appointment with us ONE week in advance, we will schedule you in.

Visit our store at " Cyclery Damansara Perdana " (Facebook Page)
Open Mon to Fri, 1pm to 10pm. (Preferably contact us prior to visit ya!)
Weekend by pre appointment.
Waze: CYCLERY STUDIO ( new concept "Cyclery"-own by Folding Bike Trading)
Add: G13 Emerald Plaza East, Jalan PJU 8/3, Damansara Perdana, 47820 PJ, Selangor.


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