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Squirt is a roughly 40:60 emulsion of wax and water. The idea is that you apply generous amounts to the chain, the water will evaporate or drip off, leaving the wax behind. The wax will provide a dry coat of lubricant – simple.

It is important that you read the instructions and stick to them. When they say add to a clean chain, think super clean. Whatever you had on there before, get rid of it. All of it! The same goes for your cassette and jockey wheels. If it helps, think of Squirt as a liquid whose purity must be maintained at all costs. The minimum amount of contamination is too much (you can see why I like this!) Once your drive train is squeaky clean, apply generous amounts of lube. (If you are running rim brakes, use a cloth to cover braking surfaces). Leave it overnight to go off.

Since getting the quantities dialled, I used Squirt on my road bike for rides between 60 to 100 miles. I used it on my mountain bike for rides of 30 to 50 miles and my gravel bike for a few 30 milers. (Brake failure means it is now hors de combat. The gravel testing mantle was handed to Nigel who used it on the recent “The Distance”.)

Conditions have been wholly dry and increasingly dusty.

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