CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket - [READY STOCK]

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Brand Ceramic Speed
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Category Bottom Brackets
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CeramicSpeed is the market leader in high-end performance components. This Ceramic Bottom Bracket delivers excellent low bearing friction with superb durability. Unique CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings are premium quality, out-performing mark rivals. The CeramicSpeed Ceramic Bottom Bracket system is so stiff and efficient that additional spacers are not required. At a fantastically lightweight of 84 grams, this CeramicSpeed Ceramic Bottom Bracket is a premium upgrade that your trusty steed deserves.

Available models:
1. Italian Shimano Black Coated
2. Italian Campagnolo Ultra Torque Black Coated
3. Italian SRAM dub Black Coated
4. Italian SRAM GXP Black Coated
5. PF4130 Coated
6. PF4630 OSBB Black Coated
7. EVO386 Campagnolo Ultra Torque Red Coated
8. EVO386 SRAM GXP Red
9. EVO386 SRAM GXP Black Coated
10. BBright Shimano Black Coated
11. Bbright SRAM GXP Black Coated
12. PF30a SRAM GXP Black Coated
13. PF30a Campagnolo Ultra Torque Black Coated
14. PF30a SRAM dub Black Coated
15. PF30 OSBB Shimano Black Coated
16. PF30 SRAM GXP Black Coated
17. BSA SRAM GXP Red Coated
18. BSA Shimano Black Coated
19. BSA Campagnolo Ultra Torque Black Coated
20. BSA30 Black Coated
21. BB86 Shimano Black Coated
22. BB86 SRAM GXP Black
23. BB86 SRAM GXP Black Coated
24. BB30 Bearing Kit Coated
25. BB30 SRAM dub Black Coated
26. BB30 Shimano Black Coated
27. BB30 Campagnolo Over Torque Coated
28. BB30 SRAM GXP Black Coated
29. T45 Shimano Black Coated
30. T45 SRAM dub Black Coated
31. T45 SRAM GXP Black Coated

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