Micro Spline freehub KOOZER XM490 PRO cassette hub bicycle hubs 135x10 142x12MM MS 12 speed MTB Disk

Condition Brand new
Brand Koozer
Posted 1 hour ago
Category Freehub Bodies
Price RM 305.00
Gear Count 12 speed

12 speeds 12s
Material: AL7075
Weight: 620g/pair with QR
Pawls: 6
Click: 72
Speed:SHIMANO MS 12S 12V(Suitable for M6100 M7100 M8100 M9100 and other models)
Spoke Holes: 32H
Color: Rainbow, Black, Red, Grey, Orange, Blue, Green
Version: QR or THRU
QR Version: Front:9 x 100mm, Rear:10 x 135mm (with standard 5mm diameter quick release)
Thru Version: Front:15 x 100mm, Rear:12 x 142mm (Without quick release)

1. Black (Pair) 32H 100x15 142x12 12S -----
2. Black (Pair) 32H 100x9 135x10 12S -----
3. Black (Rear) 32H 135x10 12S -----
4. Black (Rear) 32H 142x12 12S -----
5. Orange (Pair) 32H 100x15 142x12 12S -----
6. Orange (Pair) 32H 100x9 135x10 12S -----
7. Orange (Rear) 32H 135x10 12S -----
8. Orange (Rear) 32H 142x12 12S -----
9. Purple (Pair) 32H 100x15 142x12 12S -----
10. Purple (Pair) 32H 100x9 135x10 12S -----
11. Purple (Rear) 32H 135x10 12S -----
12. Purple (Rear) 32H 142x12 12S -----
13. Rainbow (Pair) 32H 100x15 142x12 12S -----
14. Rainbow (Pair) 32H 100x9 135x10 12S -----
15. Rainbow (Rear) 32H 135x10 12S -----
16. Rainbow (Rear) 32H 142x12 12S -----
17. Red (Pair) 32H 100x15 142x12 12S -----
18. Red (Pair) 32H 100x9 135x10 12S -----
19. Blue (Pair) 32H 100x15 142x12 12S -----
20. Blue (Pair) 32H 100x9 135x10 12S -----
21. Green (Pair) 32H 100x15 142x12 12S -----
22. Green (Pair) 32H 100x9 135x10 12S -----
23. Gray (Rear) 32H 135x10 12S -----
24. Gray (Rear) 32H 142x12 12S -----

32H red Microspline Thru axle Rm305
32H blue Microspline Thru axle Rm305
32H grey Microspline Thru axle Rm355
32H black Microspline Thru axle Rm305
32H green Microspline Thru axle Rm355
32H orange Microspline Thru axle Rm355
32H purple Microspline Thru axle Rm355
32H rainbow Microspline Thru axle Rm380

32H red Microspline QR Rm305
32H blue Microspline QR Rm305
32H grey Microspline QR Rm355
32H black Microspline QR Rm305
32H green Microspline QR Rm355
32H orange Microspline QR Rm355
32H purple Microspline QR Rm355
32H rainbow Microspline QR Rm380


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