Bryton Rider S500T S500E S500

Condition Brand new
Brand Bryton
Posted 3 months ago
Category GPS
Price RM 1,329.00

Voice search
Rider S500 eliminates the need for an onscreen keyboard by providing Google Voice search which is available in over 100 languages, offering a quicker, more intuitive and all-round better way to search addresses or POIs while riding on the road, adventuring on the trail, or anywhere you find yourself.

Turn by turn navigation
Rider S500 provides turn by turn navigation and advanced guidance data, including street names, POIs & Peaks (customizable in Bryton active app), distance and direction information, and more all on pre downloaded regional OSM (OpenStreetMaps) maps.

Advanced routing features
When following a route and riding off-track, the Rider S500, in connection with your phone, will reroute to get back on track. Additionally, you can reverse a route to switch the start and end locations as well as retracing an ongoing ride to get back to where you started along the same path.

Climb Challenge
Climb to new heights with the climb challenge feature. When approaching a climb, using follow track mode, the Rider S500 will provide a graphical summary of all climbs in the route. During a climb, Rider S500 will plot position on a climb and display gradient, distance remaining and accent remaining.

Advanced workout
The new graphical workout overview features workout steps with the ability to zoom in for more detail right from the device. Additionally, during a workout, the remaining progress will be graphically shown on the workout page, giving a much more immersive workout experience.

Indoor smart trainer
With ANT+ FE-C Smart Trainer compatibility, the Rider S500 can communicate with your indoor smart trainer to control resistance or power (target resistance/power), simulate custom virtual workouts (smart workout) or even simulate a route (virtual ride).

Live Track
Use the Bryton active app to share your live location while on a ride. By sharing your personalised link, your location will automatically be shared until you press stop on your device.

Bike radar compatibility
Utilising a connected ANT+ Rear-view radar system, cyclists can view vehicles coming from behind up to 150 metres, with notifications to keep alert.

Ambient light sensor
Using the built in ambient light sensor, the Bryton Rider S500 automatically adjust to changing light conditions, ensuring optimal screen settings wherever you ride.

– Added new “Climb Challenge” feature
– Added automatic sync of structured workouts from app
– Added new long battery life screen-off option (but still recording)
– Increased visibility of display outdoors with more colors
– Added an anti-glare coating to screen (compared to Rider 750)
– Increase sensitivity of touch screen
– Added ambient light sensor
– Increased accuracy of the barometric altimeter
– Increased battery life from 20hrs to 35hrs
– No longer include Bryton to Garmin mount adapter in the box
– Switched to USB-C port (from micro-USB)
– Ability to use a USB-C cable to your phone to update maps & firmware

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