STR Balance Bike Frame Stickers Modified Colorful Laser Plating Reflective Decals

Condition Brand new
Brand Others
Posted 1 day ago
Category Stickers
Price RM 30.00

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1. The air guide groove of the back tape does not bubble and can be re-attached
2. Thicker fabric prevents damage to the frame
3. Imported glue is used to tear off the glue without leaving the glue and not hurting the car
4. Outdoor special film can be waterproof and sunscreen will not fade
5. Synthetic polymer PVC film, stable molecular structure, not easy to change color
6. With memory function and stretching ability, it can really fit all corners of the body
7. Adhesive is the core technology of this product. It has high adhesion, but it can be removed quickly without leaving any glue.

Available :
For STR PRO models
Thomas Train Model

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