2022 Shimano Dura Ace Di2 2x11-Speed Remote Satellite Shifter SW-R9150

Condition Brand new
Brand Shimano
Posted 20 days ago
Category Road Bikes
Price RM 999.00

Function adapted to the respective driving style
Faster switching on the handle
Flexible switching by any position of the switch on the handlebars
Length EW-SD50 each 261mm
Product features
Use: Road/Cyclocross
Group: Dura Ace Di2
Model: SW-R9150
Type: Remote Satellite Shifter
Handlebar mounting: On road bar left/right
Gear: 2-speed, 11-speed right/left programmable
Master unit: No
Firmware update by E-tube Project: Yes
E-tube port (pcs): 0
E-tube connector (pcs): each 1
Connector for remote sprinter shifter (pcs): 0
Port for remote sprinter shifter (pcs): 0
Dura Ace Di2 R9150
1 Dura Ace Di2 2x11-speed Remote Satellite Shifter SW-R9150 incl. mounting hardware

The SEIS innovative shift technology is still based on the SHIMANO INDEX SYSTEM (SIS) that has proved its superior gear changing characteristics over the years. The big difference is that in this case, the shifting action is provided for by electronics instead of mechanics. This electronic shifting system has been extensively tested over past two years by several professional riders in all conditions possible, such as rain, mud, low temperatures, cobble stone roads and combinations of all of these at the same time. Shifting is executed by simply pressing the button. No power is needed to shift, which gives important advantages since it is easier now to always keep a tight grip on the handlebar and to keep your concentration on riding instead on shifting. The shift system allows accurate and effortless shifting in difficult circumstances like when you have cold hands or when you are completely exhausted. Furthermore, the shifting performance will never be affected by contaminated or stretched cables since the shifting signal is transferred electronically. The operating buttons work similarly to mechanical Dual Control Levers so you don’t need to re-program your mind for a new system.


E-Tube platform offers optimum flexibility on your bike. E-TUBE transmits interactive signals and power supply to each parts by β€œPlug & play” connection. E-TUBE is no rust, no stretch, no freeze and it ensures advanced low maintenance. And SM-PCE1 connects between PC and components to update firmware. Digital device stay the latest version with updating firmware for improve function.

Manufacturer item no.: ISWR9150
EAN: 4524667848271
UPC: 689228848276
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