2024 Rider 750 SE faster processor GPS MAP GRADIA

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2024 Rider 750 SE faster processor GPS MAP GRADIA

On-device Rerouting
Never lose your way no matter where you roam! The Rider 750 SE is equipped with fully-featured on-device rerouting for your planned tracks. The rerouting feature, coupled with pre-installed maps, helps you stay safe and get back on track when a wrong turn is made without an internet connection.

Powerful 40 Hours of Battery
Built with a remarkable 40 hour battery at its core, the Rider 750 SE is super-charged with enough juice to overcome whichever obstacles cross your path, giving you the confidence to take on any adventure with battery to spare!

Customizable Alerts
Focus on your training and let the Rider 750 SE's custom alerts take care of the rest! You can configure several alerts based on various conditions such as workout time, duration, distance, or calories burned. These alerts will pop out on the Rider 750 SE, reminding you to hydrate/eat/rest/etc., exactly when you need it!

Upgraded Quick-Status Menu
Viewable from any meter page, the upgraded quick-status menu gives you an overview of your ride at a glance, including sensor status & connectivity and the latest notifications all with just a tap of the screen! Moreover, with a paired ANT+ light, you can easily customize your menu to display status and convenient control options, putting the perfect setup right at your fingertips!

Adventure Awaits You
Online Voice Search
With a connection to the internet, you can use your voice to search for locations on the Rider 750 SE, eliminating the need to use on-screen keyboards. Available in over 100 languages, the voice search feature offers a faster, more intuitive and more convenient way to find addresses or POIs.

Ambient Light Sensor Adapted for any Conditions
Using the built-in ambient light sensor, the Bryton Rider 750 SE can automatically adjust its backlight based on the lighting conditions around it. When riding indoors, passing through a tunnel, or riding under trees, etc., the backlight will automatically become brighter to compensate, ensuring optimal screen settings anywhere and anytime you ride!

Follow Track with POI/Peak Information
Knowing the distance to your next stop is always motivating and useful. After setting up your POI and Peak info using the Bryton Active App, you can check the distance to your next POI or Peak in Follow Track mode, allowing you to make the right decision based on your status and stay motivated along the way.

Reverse Saved Routes
Shake things up and see the world from a new perspective! Simply download any routes from the App to your Rider 750 SE and reverse the route, swapping the start and end points and other guidance so you can follow a route any way you want to!

Live Track
Share your real-time location with friends and family using the new Bryton Live Track feature. Simply generate a share link right from your phone and share to any messaging app with the press of a button. With the Live Track link, anyone can follow along from the web and view not only your real-time location, but also current speed, ride time, trip time, distance and last updated time!

Share the Thrill of Adventure with Friends
Group Ride
The Rider 750SE is even more fun with friends! Using the Bryton Active app, select your track, invite your friends to a group and see live updates for group members on your route right from your device. Keep in touch, cheer on your friends or send status updates to others by using voice input to create customizable messages directly from the Rider 750 SE. Additionally, with the Bryton Active app, setting up a group ride is as easy as a press of a button.

Group Chat
Need to get a message out to the group, let someone know about a stop or just want to cheer on another rider? With the Rider 750 SE or Bryton Active app, you can quickly and safely send messages to other riders while on a group ride with the Group Chat feature. Personalize your default messages on the Bryton Active app to send quick replies right from your device or type a custom message on the app at your next stop. Additionally, using voice input, you can create custom hands-free messages while on the road.

Unleash you power
Climb Challenge
Climb to new heights with the Climb Challenge feature. When approaching a climb, the Rider 750 SE will change to the Climb Section page, providing an overview of a route's climb segments. The Climb Challenge screen also features a graphical summary with multiple climbs, vivid color climb segments, distance, altitude & ascent, and start & end points, providing easy access and ride information at-a-glance.

Virtual Ride
Experience endless possibilities from the comfort of home with Virtual Track Simulation. Utilizing ANT+ FE-C compatibility, the Rider 750 SE will work seamlessly with most smart trainers, simulating the route gradient changes. When downloading routes from the Bryton Active App, the option “for Virtual Ride” is available. These converted tracks for virtual ride can simulate gradient changes better, making the on-road experience more real.

Ride Safe, Train at Ease
ESS Support
The Rider 750 SE supports electronic gear-shifting systems including Shimano’s Di2, SRAM’s eTap and Campagnolo’s EPS. Gear information such as gear ratio and gear combo and even battery life of ESS are displayed immediately on the Rider 750 SE, eliminating the need to check the crankset and cassette position.

Bike Radar Support
The Rider 750 SE supports ANT+ Radar after simple pairing. When approaching threats behind are detected, vehicles with the color-coded strip will be shown on the meter page, notifying you of the current threat level and relative distance from the vehicle to you. Furthermore, Rider 750 SE also alerts you with different beep sounds while the threat level changes.

E-Bike Support
The Rider 750 SE incorporates Shimano Steps and ANT+ LEV e-bike support for compatible brands to display various e-bike data, including assist mode, assist level shifting mode, E-Bike battery, travel range and rear gear position.

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