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The Fizik Kurve is not just a saddle, it’s an entire system. Integral to deciding which Kurve is right for you is the Fizik Spine Concept. Can you get pretty close to touching your toes, but not quite without cheating a little and bending your knees? Then the Fizik Kurve Chameleon Carbon Saddle will most likely be the option for you.

The Chameleon is Fizik code for a mid-range stretchability, similar to their Antares line. Fizik wants to guide you to the most comfortable saddle for your body type, and thinks that if you are less flexible than you used to be, then you could have a look at the Kurve Chameleon to find the right balance between a flexible riding position and a need to sit a little more upright in the saddle. Long and thin like the Snake or Arione, the Chameleon has a wide platform to accommodate your sit bones which get more work the more upright you sit. The shell is suspended over the rails that form a frame on which the hull can work. The Re:Flex shell is made from a carbon Kevlar composite. By using long-filament composite aligned in specific directions, the entire base of a Re:flex saddle is able to respond to the rider's motion. The saddle follows the movement of the rider's contact points, improving comfort, control, and efficiency. Fizik has made it possible to progress from the Twin Flex system found in the Aliante and the WingFlex of the Arione to a system where not only the sit bones but the central portion will move with you. Think of it as sitting in as opposed to sitting on a saddle. You won’t get some squishing, sinking-in feeling. On the contrary, you probably will barely notice it after the first few miles, but once you are finished with a four or five hour ride and don’t have the usual sore bum, you’ll remember again how effective this technology is.

A carbon-braided Mobius rail has been added to reduce weight and dampen road noise without sacrificing any of the durability. If you are unfamiliar with the term “mobius”, imagine taking a paper strip and giving it a half-twist, and then joining the ends of the strip together to form a loop, but then imagine a carbon braided material instead of paper. It functions so well in this application because a one-piece mobius rail distributes the weight from rider to saddle more evenly. There is more surface contact with the mobius rail, as opposed to a traditional rail that meets the saddle at just two points.

The Kurve Chameleon also has the benefit of using the Fizik replaceable tuner insert technology. This allows the rider to customize the flex of the saddle nose. The insert fits under the nose of the saddle and is attached by a single screw, so you can easily change between the hard and the soft compounds depending on how you want your ride to feel.

At 185 grams, the Fizik Kurve Chameleon Carbon Saddle can be considered one of the lightest saddles focused entirely on comfort. Even if you have already fallen in love with other Fizik saddles, you will be amazed at just how much more comfortable your bum can be.


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