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Xiongxing Gel Saddle


Wheelup Gel Saddle Features: 1.This seat is easy to install and the price is good; 2.The surface of the PVC fabric, wear comfortable, inside the GEL artificial fat filling, better flexibility, more comfortable, increase the texture; 3.Cushion in the center of the seat using a hollow breathable design to reduce the pressure on the body sensitive parts, and in the ride when the ventilation, so not hot, no water, reduce the important parts of bacterial infection and riding more comfortable; 4.Before and after the cushion are professional reflective design, can greatly improve the safety of night riding; 5.Rounded raised rear seat design, soft support the buttocks, reducing the top pressure in the prostate,pubic and ischial areas by 40%; 6.The front end is narrow, rounded on both sides of the design, to ensure that does not prevent the thigh pedal, do not rub the thigh Price shown above not include postage Harga diatas tidak termasuk kos penghantaran Here is My Item List: http://www.bicyclebuysell.com/?user=NICHAN#!username=NICHAN You're welcome to visit my page https://www.facebook.com/ETC365 Anyone Interested Can Message Me/Sila Hubungi: http://m.me/ETC365 Wechat/Whatapps/SMS : 012 4682411 Mr.Chan Please provide me your: 1.Product Name 2.Quantity 3.Name 4.Address 5.Contact No

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