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Magene L508 Radar Light


Magene L508 Radar Light

Magene L508 radar tail light adopts millimeter-wave pulse signals and has 40° beam angle, able to detect rear vehicles within 140m even at bends. Support 5 light modes, suitable for various scenarios. 
L508 can accurately provide visual and audible alerts from display terminal to warn of vehicles approaching from behind up to 140 meters away, to help bikers be on full alert in the surroundings. 
The radar of L508 has a beam angle up to 40°, so it can detect the rear vehicles at bends. 
Eliminate the blind spot and protect you all the way. 
The radar of L508 uses millimeter-wave pulse signals to provide comprehensive and stable detection of high-speed motor vehicles and even slow-moving bicycles. 
Support 220° wide viewing angle with visibility of up to 1.2km and effective warning of rear vehicles to ensure safe riding. 
With low brightness and soft light, it protects eyes of group bikers, providing a more comfortable experience in team riding.

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Pls visit our showroom:
Pusat Basikal Lim
16 Jalan ekoperniagaan 2/7
Taman ekoperniagaan , 81100 Johor Bahru , Johor .

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