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GOODYEAR Eagle Sport 700c Road Tires 25mm,28mm


The Eagle Sport features top-level construction, materials and responsiveness. Designed to balance multi-condition grip and robust durability, Eagle Sport delivers great day-in, day-out precision and control at every turn in an economical package. TUBE TYPE A clincher tire that is only functional with an inner tube to maintain inflation pressure as defined by ISO 4223-1. The historically standard bicycle tire relies on the use of an inner tube to maintain inflation pressure. The inner tube serves two purposes; maintaining inflation pressure and providing physical pressure on the tire’s bead against the rim hook and sidewall to help keep it safely in place. COMPOUND Dynamic:Pace The Dynamic:Pace compound was developed to improve puncture resistance while maintaining dependable grip and low rolling resistance by utilizing silica and strengthening additives. LONGER LIFE Increased tread cap thickness coupled with durable Dynamic:Pace compound provides long lasting durability. A 60tpi casing is less prone to cuts and abrasion damage and provides a comfortable, durable ride. Weight 25mm 250g 28mm 280g Max PSI 25mm 120 psi 28mm 110 psi Compound Dyanamic Pace Anti Punture Silica *Tube Type Clincher CONTACT JEFF 0124442268 <Whatsapp>https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=60124442268 NO 7 JLN EQUINE 9A,TMN EQUINE 43300 SERI KEMBANGAN SELANGOR

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