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MAX Race Formula Mineral Brake Disc Oil for Shimano, Magura, & Tektro - 70 ml / 500 ml


MAX Brake Disc Oil MAX Brake Disc Oil oil does not absorb water & lubricates the whole braking hydraulic system. New BLEND of Mineral oil with new additives to make your bike's brake better ( Imported from Germany ) protect o-ring , prevent leakage, better braking and prevent your brakes from overheating. DESIGNED SPECIALLY FOR RACING Feature - Great consistency in performance & reliability - Achieve higher temperature than other brands thus prevent overheating brakes - Oil is manufactured using the best lubricant / additives / protects o-ring - Excellent lubricating properties - For Shimano, Tektro & Magura Brake System oil ( Hydraulic ) - 70 ml / 500 ml There are 2 variant for Mineral Brake Oil 70 ml and 500 ml Shopee: https://shopee.com.my/Bicycle-Race-Formula-Mineral-Brake-Disc-Oil-for-Shimano-Magura-Tektro-70-ml-500-ml-i.93180824.1540482422?sp_atk=0e2a9441-405d-4914-9b5c-37f3b5dcd515&xptdk=0e2a9441-405d-4914-9b5c-37f3b5dcd515

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