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Brand X Twist Lever, Thru-Axle, Fox Kabolt Boost Version, Polygon T8, 15x110


Replacement twist lever for Fox Kabolt standard bolt-thru axle (boost). Fits FOX 34 RHYTHM found on the Polygon T8 for example. Much more convenient than bolt-through, no need to get the allen keys out every time. Easily set the lever in your desired position, Specs: TA15, 156mm length, M14 diameter, Pitch 1.5, Thread length 13mm *BRAND NEW* in packet, never used. Originally bought 2, this was spare. CRC Website: https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/brand-x-twist-lever-thru-axle/rp-prod176625 Brand-X Twist Lever Thru Axle The Brand-X Twist Lever Thru Axle is made from durable aluminium to ensure it is hard-wearing and ready for whatever challenges you meet on the trails. These Thru Axles from Brand-X are available at a price that won't break the bank and make an ideal alternative to your fork or frame's original. Optimised Lever Design Unlike the common/standard bolt-thru axle, the Brand-X version has an easy to use, solid twist lever. There's no need to twist and back off to get a clamping mechanism working, simply twist the lever until your wheel is solidly locked in place. The lever sits on splines and can engage/disengaged to set the lever in your desired position once tightened in place. Available in a range of sizes, Brand-X has produced these twist lever thru-axles in the most commonly seen lengths and thread pitches. Sells on CRC for GMP20 (approx. MYR110) excluding shipping to MY Offer price: RM 90 including postage. Location is The Club @ Bandar Utama, 4700 PJ, Selangor Whatsapp Mike: 012-220 9151

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